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Aerospace and Defense Industry

The otherwise agile aerospace and defense industry has lately been facing challenges keeping up with the evolving digital landscape. Amidst the highly dynamic technology environment, the industry continues to grapple with operational challenges, including cost control, regulatory compliance, supply chain management, and implementation of digital strategies. Plural Technology serves this industry with its expertise in technologies like Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), RPA, AI ML, Advanced analytics, IoT, Big Data. Here’s an overview of some of our contributions to the aerospace and defense sector.

PLM for Aerospace and Defense Industry

Managing the complex and numerous product configurations across the aerospace and defense industry constitutes a significant challenge. PLM benefits the industry in various ways. Some of them we’ve worked upon include the below.

How PLM implementation significantly reduced costs for Multidisciplinary Missile Systems Laboratory

Digital Twin

Digital twins help create virtual models of aircraft and defense systems to simulate their behavior and performance in various operating conditions. They prove advantageous across various critical dimensions of the aerospace space sector, including the following.

Design and Testing

Simulate system behavior under various operating conditions and optimize the design accordingly.

Predictive Maintenance

Identify potential issues much before they surface, thus reducing downtime, increasing aircraft availability and enhancing safety.

Performance Optimization

Optimize aircraft performance by enabling operators to adjust settings and make changes per simulations that digital twins generate.

Training and Simulation

Provide realistic training and simulation scenarios to enhance safety, reduce training costs and provide employees with experience working under a safe and controlled environment.

Role of Various Technologies in the Aerospace Industry
Artificial Intelligence

AI, with its intelligence and capabilities can help aerospace players overcome various challenges and make significant improvements across multiple areas. Some of them include aircraft design optimization, increased fuel efficiency, improved supply chain management, better customer experiences, threat identification and many more. AI’s applications in aerospace will evolve with time, as the technology unfolds itself.

Like AI, ML will also have a unique role to play in bettering the aerospace industry. Some applications can include structural health monitoring, autonomous flight, enhanced flight control and navigation, satellite image analysis, and others.

As the aerospace industry moves towards automation and adopting more digitized solutions to increase efficiency, robotic process automation (RPA) will play a more valuable role. RPA can help expedite production, enhance product quality and ensure compliance through rule-based and smart bot-driven manufacturing. It can help aerospace players produce more and better in fewer resources.

Using big data analytics can help the aerospace industry benefit from the massive amount of data it generates. Furthermore, analyzing it can help reduce costs, enhance system efficiency, improve performance and augment safety standards. It can also contribute to better predictive maintenance, logistics planning and quality control.

The IoT is transforming aerospace by making flying safer, more efficient, and comfortable. IoT can help aerospace industry players achieve valuable insights into their operational performance, optimize various workflows and make informed decisions that help augment performance standards, fulfill customer needs and perform in a more competent manner.

Plural Technology brings extensive expertise in the deployment of state-of-the-art technologies to the aerospace and defense sector. Committed to leading digital transformation, our mission is to empower the industry by augmenting productivity and delivering tangible outcomes. Leveraging strategic implementation of advanced solutions, we are dedicated to elevating operational efficiency and driving innovation within the sector.

Whether you are at the initial stages or advanced phases of digital transformation, Plural is your partner in achieving your goals. We offer a comprehensive range of services, consulting, and support to guide you through the process.

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