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Consumer-Packaged Goods

With a global turnover ranging in billions of dollars, Consumer Packaged GoodsCPG is a substantial industry. However, on the other hand, it also plays a critical role as it directly deals with aspects like product quality, durability and safety. As an industry, CPG faces diverse challenges, some of which are conventional and the others contemporary. These challenges are impeding the industry’s growth and affecting operational efficiencies. With these challenges, industry players struggle keeping up with consumer demands, navigating complex supply chains, driving innovation and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

At Plural, we collaborate with diverse stakeholders in the CPG industry, enabling them to stay updated on technological advancements ,stay tuned and adopt a dynamic industry landscape. Our techno-strategic support helps CPG companies enhance efficiencies, steer innovations and stay at the forefront of every technological revolution. Here’s more to what we do for CPG.

Product Development and Innovation

We help CPG enterprises leverage analytics, AI-ML to identify consumer preferences, social media trends, decode market direction, etc. to make informed product development decisions and personalize offerings. The same is replicated in marketing operations where analyzing the overall sentiment helps CPG companies personalize their advertising campaigns.

Manufacturing and Operations

Our expertise extends to helping CPG players use IoT, automation, robotics, and predictive analytics to transform their manufacturing processes. Using IoT sensors and connected devices enables real-time monitoring production line optimization, reduces downtime and enhances efficiency. Additionally, predictive analytics supports in demand forecasting, manage inventory and optimize supply chain, save costs and augment productivity.

Supply Chain Management

Our expertise also involves enabling CPG to use blockchain to enhance supply chain transparency, traceability, and authentication. The result is increased product quality, counterfeiting prevention and improved consumer trust. We also help them employ advanced analytics and AI algorithms to optimize logistics and inventory management, reducing delivery times and costs.

Consumer Experience and Personalization

Mobile apps, loyalty programs, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems help gather data on consumer preferences and behavior. This data can be used to deliver personalized offers, recommendations, and promotions, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Role of PLM in CPG

The CPG industry faces constant pressure to expedite innovation and increase profitability. PLM helps CPG players in various aspects. While helping them expedite product launches, it enables them to design better products and outperform their competitors in the shelf-life realm. Additionally, PLM paves the way for better collaboration with various stakeholders, ensures efficient profile and portfolio management, variant management, apply an integrated product development process, enhance product tracking capabilities and more.

At Plural, our PLM support involves helping CPG players in numerous ways, including.
With extensive experience in working with global leaders in the CPG industry, Plural excels in assisting businesses of all sizes in achieving successful digital transformation. Whether you’re in the initial stages or looking for an upgrade, Plural is your dedicated partner, offering a comprehensive range of services, consulting, and support.

Schedule a consultation and allow our experts to interact with you to know your needs better. Rest assured, we’ll help you embark on the journey toward making digital transformation a reality and optimizing it.

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