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Process Manufacturing

Process manufacturing refers to a production method producing finished goods by combining various raw materials with a particular formula and under specific conditions. It is commonly used across pharmaceutical, paint and coating, specialty chemicals, food and beverages, fashion and more. While process manufacturing has been responsive to technology, the industry struggles with concerns like increased production costs, manufacturing delays, instinctive decision-making, inventory management, poor product quality, etc.

Digital transformation is considered a breakthrough for the process manufacturing industry as much as it is for others. It can help process manufacturers leverage technologies like automation, data analytics, IoT, AI, etc., foster a significant rise in production efficiency, quality and output. Additionally, PLM can help manufacturers augment productivity and exercise control over a product’s lifecycle by managing it comprehensively.

Plural Technology can step in as your digital transformation partner in helping manufacturing companies keep up with digital transformation and Industry 4.0 revolution.

Product Lifecycle Management

Our expertise in various PLM platforms helps us cover numerous areas, including collaborating on product development, streamlining processes, and managing data from various sources. The key modules where we help manufacturers leverage PLM tools to boost productivity include the below.

Furthermore, our expertise and support also entail compliance management, change management, and product performance insights.

Glimpse into the Future of Digitalization in Manufacturing

Automate processes with robotic process automation, AI, and ML to enhance accuracy, increase speed, and reduce labor costs.

Data Analytics

Use data analytics to track performance, identify inefficiencies, improve processes, predict maintenance needs, reduce downtime, and optimize supply chain management

Internet of Things (IoT)

Monitor equipment and products, and provide real-time data to optimize their operations.

Additive Manufacturing

Achieve greater production flexibility to reduce waste, and creation of custom products.

Digital Twins

Simulate production processes, test new products, and identify potential problems before they occur.

At Plural Technology, we help manufacturers unleash the potential of digital transformation and technology with our extensive expertise in both. Our targeted strategies and implementation expertise helps create a symphony of intertwined elements that augment productivity and enable companies to produce more and better in fewer resources. And all of it while ensuring sustainability!

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