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Technical Support Services

The growing adoption of digital transformation into businesses has increased the demand for round-the-clock technical support services. Imagine an organization managing key aspects of its operations through digital applications; even a brief downtime of these applications can transform into a significant challenge. You need a partner like Plural to ensure comprehensive coverage and mitigate the potential nightmares associated with system downtimes!

At Plural, our 24/7 technical support services help keep your application’s performance optimized at all times. Our technical specialists adopt a proactive approach that helps them foresee problems and avoid potential downtimes to the best extent possible. Our technical support involves identifying cost-saving opportunities and helping organizations reduce their internal enterprise application costs. In the provision of technical support, our focus lies on optimizing performance, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and competence.

Our Technical Support Services

We provide L1, L2, and L3 level support that covers various areas, including comprehensive user support, application support, operations support, and user knowledge base. Here’s more about our technical support.

User Support

Our technical support experts provide prompt and comprehensive user support through accurate troubleshooting, answering ‘how to’ questions, and providing change request support. We provide user support that is approachable and ensures users feel nurtured and supported throughout the interaction.

Application Support

Application support is a broad area encompassing various aspects and not just troubleshooting. At Plural, we transcend the concept of conventional application support and extend our assistance to various other critical areas. They include root cause analysis of a particular instance, application enhancement, new development, software release management, and patch application.

Operations Support

As a reliable and responsible technical support provider, we walk the extra mile to provide operational support as well. It includes the essential facets of an enterprise application : system administration, database administration, and capacity planning.

User Knowledge Base

We not only provide technical support but empower businesses with it. Yes! And that is by broadening the user knowledge base. Our technical experts document every significant instance and add it to the knowledge repository. Our support also includes creating user manuals, training material, quick reference guides, and knowledge portals for online technical assistance.

Our Tech Support Process

Here’s our highly organized and streamlined technical support process.

Why Choose Plural Technology for Technical Support?

Choosing Plural Technology for enterprise application technical support proves a prudent decision for the following reasons.

24/7 Comprehensive Support

Our 24/7 technical support is available across multiple time zones and locations globally.

Our systematic and streamlined process helps simplify and expedite technical support. We use support systems like JIRA to ensure organized and optimal support at all times.

We nurture a team of technical specialists who stay alert and prepared every moment to provide prompt, accurate, and reliable technical support to your team.

We constantly monitor and control your enterprise application performance to curtail system downtime and increase availability.

Our proactive approach reflects in our maintenance and support services, wherein we identify a problem from a distance and prevent significant downtimes as much as possible.

Our technical support can bring a visible transformation within your enterprise application realm. Please email us at to discover more about our technical support.

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