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Xcelerator by Plural Technology—a cutting-edge solution allows you to utilize Excel loader templates and leverage the built-in background processor to effortlessly handle bulk data loading. Xcelerator redefines efficiency, allowing you to streamline processes and elevate your PLM experience to new heights.

Key Features

Explore the features to simplify PLM with Xcelerator!

Seamless Bi-directional Data Synchronization

Xcelerator takes connectivity to the next level. It helps make PLM system changes reflect in your Excel sheet in real-time and vice versa. Such bi-directional synchronization ensures consistent data updates, precise decision-making, and collaboration.

Real-time Automated Data Updates

Lead the way with Xcelerator’s real-time updates directly within Excel sheets. Instant, automated, and real-time data updates help reflect modifications in PLM in the corresponding Excel cells.

Team-Driven Spreadsheet Collaboration

Leverage Xcelerator to foster collaborations while working on spreadsheets through PLM. This feature promotes teamwork, enabling users to collectively develop data for items categorized in PLM. It can also help augment productivity and efficiency by unifying your team and promoting productive collaborations across your workspace.

Tailored Mapping for Your Needs

Xcelerator allows you to customize the product to suit your unique needs with its flexible mapping rules. The product defines data mapping rules fine-tuned with your integration needs, ensuring a smooth and personalized connection between PLM and Excel sheets.

Add Xcelerator to Your PLM!

Our experts are prepared to navigate Xcelerator’s features and functionalities to demonstrate the transformative power of the product and its impact on your PLM processes. Leverage our expertise and the opportunity to revolutionize PLM data management and collaboration with Xcelerator. 

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